Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cut Sick!

Picture of Cut Sick!
Melbourne, Australia's Cut Sick! was an absolutely ripping hardcore band for the time they existed.  These guys play a fast, thrashy blend of hardcore punk that's full of energetic riffs, tasty leads, brutally frantic drum parts and obnoxiously great vocals.  Their songs never let up and will have you cranking for days.   Below I posted two of their three releases.  I can't find their Self Titled 7" for the life of me... anywhere!  If anyone could hook it up, it would be insanely appreciated!  In the meantime, snag Cut Sick's two more recent gems.  Dig!

Picture of Cut Sick!
Fraudulent Little Fuckers 7" (2009)

End It All CDep (2007)

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