Friday, May 24, 2013

Raw Nerve

REPOST!  Chicago's Raw Nerve ripped shit up!  Fast, Thrashy, Grimey, Lo-Fi Punk to the extreme!  These guys blew up instantly after the release of their Demo Cassette, which is rowdy as hell.  Raw, spastic and pissed off, the way good hardcore punk should sound.  Below is everything I could hunt down.  Warship.  Dig.

Every Problem Solved 7" (2012)

Tall Tales Comp. LP (2011)

Distort Jersey City : WFMU Radio (04-26-2012)

Midnight 7" (2011)

Nervous Habits Cassette (2011)

Self-Titled LP (2010)

Teens In Heat 7" (2009)

Demo Cassette (2009)

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