Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cara Neir

by Evan Craig in Logo(s) by
Dallas, Texas' Cara Neir is a fucking blast of experimentation, aggression and energy.  They're a 2-piece black-metal, grind-punk band full of sludge, crust and violence.  Their sound is dark and punishing with an onslaught of face-melting riffs, unholy drum programming and harrowing shrieks.  These dudes are brutal as hell and combine these elements of the extreme into perfection and the overall concoction is heavy, ripping and highly memorable. Snag their discography below and dig.

Split With Flesh Born (2014)

The Overwatch EP (2014)

Portals to a Better, Dead World cover art
Portals To A Better, Dead World LP (2013)

Kek's Sarcophagus cover art
Yohimbe Records Comp. Vol. 1 (2012)
(Cara Neir Track Only)

Sublimation Therapy EP cover art
Sublimation Theory EP (2012)

Split with Ramlord cover art
Ramlord Split Cassette (2012)
(Cara Neir Tracks Only)

4-Way Split with Horseback/Venowl/Njiqahdda cover art
Horseback / Njiqahdda / Venowl / Cara Neir : 4-Way Split Cassette (2012)
(Cara Neir Tracks Only)

Stagnant Perceptions cover art
Stagnant Perceptions CD-R (2011)

Picture of Cara Neir — Logo by Evan Craig
Siege Of Power Vol. 1 Comp. Cassette (2010)
(Cara Neir Track Only)

Part II cover art
Parts I + II (2009)

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