Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Product Of Waste

Product Of Waste was a thrashing hardcore punk band from the Providence, RI area.  Formed in the mid-2000's, these guys were fast, mean and damn enjoyable.  They played a mixture of  rapid-fire fastcore with classic hardcore breakdowns and tasty chants.  Aggressive, fresh and memorable.  The band is also heavily influenced by underground hip-hop, which definitely shows in the vocalist's rhyme scheme.  Check out these jamz,  they own!  Everything I could find from the band is posted below.  You can download the singer's rap project HERE and HERE  and also purchase their 2011 full-length release called P.O.W. Camp HERE, which features 15 hip-hop tracks and 4 new Product Of Waste tracks at the end.  Dig. RIP T, you will be missed!

-For Fans Of:  Capitalist Casualties, Coke Bust & 97a

Good & Evil 7" (2012)

Prophecies Of A Poor Man EP (2010)

Colin Of Arabia Split 7" (2009)
(POW Tracks Only)

You Won't Take Me Alive LP (2008)

Self Titled 7" (2005)

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  1. I think You Won't Take Me Alive is missing some tracks, Life is War isn't on it