Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Picture of METHMOUTH
Miami, Florida's Methmouth plays a brand of straight-edge powerviolence that's noisy and coated with ear peircing feedback.  Their sound is full of dirty guitar riffs, thick drum blasts, fuzzed-out bass tones and absolutely vicious vocals.  These guys are ugly, hard-hitting, unsettling and surprisingly catchy during their slow breaks.  This shit kicks so much ass and all of their releases are well worth cranking loud and repetitively.  Snag below and dig.

WASTE OF LIFE cover art
Waste Of Life Flexi 7" (2014)

BLEACH BATH cover art
Bleach Bath 7" (2013)

DEMO 2013 cover art
Demo Cassette (2013)

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  1. Christian Padron of Gross and Direct Effect recorded this. Those bands also rules. Especially gross Http://gross.bandcamp.com