Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Picture of Dopefight
Brighton, UK's Dopefight are a sludge soaked stoner metal behemoth!  This trio constructs insanely powerful, riff-filled sounds that are ridiculously heavy and have massive doom and hardcore influences.  This band is absolutely demolishing and loaded with tasty stoner-rock grooves for endless head-banging.  The only release I can't find of theirs is a split CDep they did with Dead Existence.  Everything else is posted below.  Snag these mammoth jamz and DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Sea Legs, Finisher, Dopethrone & Bongzilla

Premature Nethanderal Idiocracy (Demo) (2012)

Gurt Split 7" (2012)
(Dopefight Tracks Only)

Buds LP (2010)

Demo CDep (2009)


  1. they were really cool! but sadly, as far as I know the band doesn't exist anymore. some went to form War wolf.
    and before Dopefight some of the guys were in an incredible band called The st Franc cartel.
    maybe you'll be interested in reading the interview I did two years ago with Dopefight :

    I also did one with the Gurt guys when hey released the split with Dopefight :

  2. hoooly shiiiiit! fucking amaaaazing... greaaaat fuckiiiing... baaaand! i loved it! thanks to share this awesome band maaaan! peace