Saturday, June 1, 2013


Clearly a side project. But was Coma just a one time thing? After hearing this EP, you're going to hope that it isn't. These tracks are filled with crusty doom and the occasional foot-stomping fist-pounding grooves. You'd think there would be more information on Coma since they're members consist of well-known musicians of California's bay area punk scene, but Coma shares the name with 45,000 other bands on the internet, making the Oakland CA outfit mysterious and possibly unknown to fans of their other musical efforts. Oh well, it's here. So snag it now!         

Members were/are in:  Loma PrietaGhostlimbPunch, Lewd ActsGraf Orlock

For fans ofMind EraserHoax, & Coke Bust


  1. can't seem to D/L this? Just found this blog it is nuts! Cheers.

    1. Download is fixed. Enjoy the blog! Lots of hidden treasures. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Great stuff, thanks!

    Anagnorisis would be happy to be featured on your blog - all our stuff is free regardless:

  3. your blog is the best~! thnx so much