Sunday, August 9, 2015


Unfun is a gruff and fuzzed-out punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that brings a whole lot of noise to the table.  Their sound is an upbeat mixture of raw pop-punk and a darker indie vibe that's all soaked with distortion and grit.  This band is amazing and really sounds like they give their all in every song.  Outside their rough and gloomy tone, these guys are driving, energetic and seriously fun as hell.  Snag everything below and have a blast.  Dig!

Shores of Lake Erie cover art
Shores Of Lake Erie 12" EP (2014)

Muhammad Ali Split 7" cover art
Muhammad Ali Split 7" (2012)
(Unfun Tracks Only)

Caroline 7" (2012)

Unfun / Despite Everything Split 7" (2012)

Sick Outside View LP (2011)

Stymie split 7" cover art
Unfun / Stymie Split 7" (2010)

S.O.V. Demos (2010)

Pain Prescription 7" (2009)

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  1. hey man thanks for uploading the split with Despite. ive been searching online my ass off for that one