Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Afternoon Gentlemen

Picture of The Afternoon Gentlemen
The Afternoon Gentlemen, from Leeds, England,  is a jaw-dropping and unpredictable mincegrind/powerviolence outfit drenched with drunken aggression.  These guys play faster, harder and more precise than most attempted bands of the genre.  This is a clever and brutal start-stop grind band that constantly blows my mind.  They have the perfect mixture of face-melting grindcore and punk-as-fuck powerviolence that's highly addictive.  Enjoy the crushing speed and download everything I could find below.

The Afternoon Gentlemen/Lycanthrophy split 10" cover art
Lycanthrophy Split 10" (2015)
(T.A.G. Tracks Only)

S/T LP cover art
Self Titled LP (2015)

Grind In The Mind 7" cover art
Grind In The Mind 7" (2014)

Power Joogle Pogger Violence 10" (2012)

Pissedography LP/CD (2009-2011)

White Cider Chronicles : The Birdshit Basement Sessions (2007-2008)


  1. Get shackles on here and Abuse if you can

  2. Not sure what the best way to contact you is about sending you my band's record so I thought I'd just leave a comment.

    We're a new powerviolence/grind from Edinburgh, Scotland and you can download our debut 9 track EP on our Bandcamp.
    Please check it out and feel free to post it up on here. As a fan of your blog it would be awesome if you were to feature us on here.

    For any further info contact us at

  3. please post the lycanthrophy side too, if u can


  4. you can stream the whole split 10" here:

    enjoy ...... ;-)