Saturday, August 8, 2015


C.C.T.V. is yet another odd-ball punk concoction from Northwest Indiana that surely delivers the goods.  This Coneheads-affiliated group sounds undeniably similar the mighty cone with speed-fueled delivery and on-point musicianship but it's a kick-ass punk sound nonetheless and will definitely have you hooked.  Snag every maniacal release below and dig.

Self Titled 7" (2015)

C.C.T.V. / Ooze Live Split Cassette (2015)

Cool Bands 3 Cassette (2014)

Cool Bands 2 Cassette (2014)

Cool Bands Cassette (2014)


  1. Just played first one "Cool Bands" and it really is amazing. Thank you for posting this stuff. I had only just heard about Coneheads.