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Protestant is a crusty metallic hardcore band from Milwaukee, WI.  These guys are super-heavy with deep distorted bass, monstrously destructive riffs, beast-like drumming and harsh walls of howls and growls.  They have awesomely fast crusty parts that rip-face, then they break down to slower, sludgy and doom-like parts that are plain devastating.  Protestant thrashes like a hardcore punk band, and even add nice elements of grind and black metal to the mix.  Think the brutality of Trap Them meets the speed and attitude of Get Rad.  These dudes are fucking rowdy as hell and are worth all of your attention.  Below is everything I could find from these brutes.  Dig.

(NOTE: The As Dead As We Look CD is a compilation of the band's Make Peace With The Rope You Hang From LP, tracks from their split 7" with Rhino Charge & their 2005 Demo EP)

-For Fans Of:  Masakari, Black Ships, Cursed & Advocate

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In Thy Name LP (2014)

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Reclamation LP (2012)

Protestant / Suffering Mind Split 6" (2012)

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Stalemate 10" (2011)

Judgements LP (2010)

Antagonist 7" (2009)

Northless Split 7" (2009)
(Protestant Tracks Only)

The Hate. The Hollow. LP (2008)

Protestant / Get Rad Split 7" (2008)

Covers & Live CD-R (2008)

Self Titled 7" (2007)

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As Dead As We Look : Collection CD (2005-2006)

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  1. Most of these are down. They just dropped a new album, saw them play last weekend.