Saturday, October 19, 2013


This french trio play some really catchy indie pop that isn't afraid of getting a little dark. Some of their songs resemble their past musical efforts, but it sounds fresh and stays true to the style of 12XU's writing style. These guys are probably the best band out of france right now. They're music just so heartfelt and fun. Download their current discography and get down.

*On Largue Les Amarres LP is a collection of their splits with Old Growth, & Abject Oject, their No Redemption For The Kids Comp., the Single Serie 7"s as well as two unreleased songs.     

Members are/were in: DaitroThe Flying Worker!, VEUVE S.S., & Neige Morte 

For fans of: Daitro, Warsong, & Ancre 


  1. you should listen to Baton Rouge. you might like that. Try SPort as well, they are both good french bands!

  2. Hey, Vueve ss are pretty good too, raw hardcore punx! ! !