Friday, February 14, 2014


Picture of Absolut
Toronto's Absolut is a powerhouse of d-beat mayhem.  This outfit plays a ripping and non-stop brand of hardcore punk with heavy distorted guitars, undeniably awesome solos, thunderous drum insanity and vicious vocals coated in reverb.  Since their 2013 demo, these guys have made a permanent mark in the scene and surely don't fuck around when it comes to creating intense sounds of absolute madness.  These guys rip so goddamn hard it's impossible to explain.  I have no reason to lie to you, Absolut owns!  Snag everything below and pray they don't break up anytime soon.  Dig!

- For Fans Of:  Impalers, Koszmar, Glam, Nomad & Perfume River

Punk Survival LP (2013)

Insane Power Demos (2013)

Demo Cassette (2013)

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