Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweet Tooth

During their three or four year existence, St. Louis' Sweet Tooth had one thing on their minds while writing music. Speed. Just about everything else came together after that. Bands like this never last because they're too fast and out of control, but that's what makes them so grand. Sweet Tooth never had the opportunity to fuck up. This shit is solid thrash goodness. Start off with their latest and work your way down. If you dig the bands below you won't be disappointed.   

Members are also in: Lumpy And The Dumpers

For fans of: Das OathRaw Nerve, & Deep Wound


  1. i'm actually quite grudgingly impressed that gridlink have got this close to release date without the album having leaked. all those reviewers have been scrupulously honest i guess - !

  2. holy crap- never heard of this band but they are bonkers..thanks for posting!