Sunday, December 13, 2015

White Wards

Here's some deranged and menacing hardcore from Olympia, Washington's White Wards.  These guys construct a noisy barrage of bombastic hardcore punk that tears right through you.  Violent riffs, fuzzed-out bass tones and barbaric drum beatings are coated with piercing feedback and ugly gasping vocals.  Their full length is unbelievable.  Snag everything below and dig your brains out. 

Cigarette Burns LP (2014)

Live On WFMU (2014)

Lathe Cut 6" (2012)

Waste My Time 7" + Cover (2011)

Live On KBOO Cassette (2011)

Demo II Cassette + Cover (2010)

Demo Cassette (2009)


  1. I think Jenson from Iron Lung is drummer now, he was drummer on Cigarette Burns.

    1. Alec who plays on all the other recordings (minus live ones) plays on cigarette burns Jensen joined in 2014 after it was recorded

  2. Too late to ask for a re-up of the album?! No idea what happened to you... hope everything is OK...