Friday, May 23, 2014

Column Of Heaven

Toronto, Canada's Column Of Heaven is a dark powerviolence outfit that's drenched in eerie power electronic bleakness.  These guys consume you with gloomy tones that suddenly blast into sheer crushing mayhem.  Blasting and thrashing to slower-paced and unpredictable.  This musical experimentation of harsh noise and powerviolence is a godsend to any fan of hauntingly grinding bliss.  Get sucked in.  Dig.

Holy Things Are For The Holy 7" (2013)

Radioactive Vomit Split 7" (2013)
C.O.H. Tracks Only)

Failures / Romance 2x Cassette (2013)

Mission From God LP (2012)

Soldiers' Field Cassette (2012)

Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress Cassette (2011)

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  1. I'm looking for links for any/all of Sick-Fuckin-O's records.