Friday, May 16, 2014


Picture of Oaken
Oaken hails from Budapest, Hungary and constructs some astonishingly monumental and experimental hardcore.  These guys blend many aggressive genres into their sound yet they end up being an undeniably original and epic band that may be difficult comparing to other current acts.  Oaken is dark and heavy with a very hypnotic feel that instantly absorbs you.  Snag these masterful gems below and purchase their latest split with Marnost HERE.  DIG!!!!!!!!

split LP w/ OAKEN cover art
Oaken / Marnost Split LP (2014)

Zugló cover art
Locktender / Coma Regalia / Oaken / Wounded Knee 4-Way Split LP (2013)

The Hunter cover art
Oaken / Wolf Shaped Clouds Split CD (2013)

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