Sunday, May 4, 2014


Picture of VELD
VELD is a menacingly raw black-metal punk project of Jeff Poleon (Low ChargeSkvlt, Veloz, Host, Won't Belong, etc.) that's absolutely punishing on the senses.  It started as a one-man band and eventually formed into a demolishing live act.  Dark and unsettling noise floods over harsh guitar distortions, layers of feedback and endless shrieks/growls.  These harrowing jams are straight ahead for the most part but tend to grind and blast into frenzied breaks of anger and violence.  Brutal.  Sketchy.  Dirty.  Sick.  Find a dark place to suffer and download what I think is their discography below.

Click HERE to see VELD live at The Butcher Shoppe in Allston, MA

Leavings Of The Wolf Cassette

Collection Cassette

Tour Cassette

- The Collection Cassette contains the band's Brave Swords Foolish Gods cs, Rites Of Solitude cs, Untitled cs & a recording of their first live show.

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