Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Human Junk

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REPOST!  Human Junk is an incredibly raw and blistering two-man hardcore punk from the UK.  Super-fast and rad as all hell.  Noisy and thrashy riffs, spastic drums & utterly pissed vocals work magic for these guys.  Below is the band's demo, tracks from their split cassette with Man Hands and some insane new jams from their recent split 7" with God's America.  Any fans of powerviolence and fastcore must snag this immediately!  It's so fuckin' good!  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Fuck On The Beach, Iron Lung, Hail Of Rage & Threatener

HERE you can stream tracks from their split 5" w/ Lich

God's America Split 7" (2012)
(Human Junk Tracks Only)

Man Hands Split Cassette (2011)
(Human Junk Tracks Only)

Demo Cassette (2010)

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