Friday, January 2, 2015

Mother Brain

Mother Brain hails from Long Island, New York and plays some of the most punishing grindcore I've heard in recent times.  Their sludgy, distortion-drenched riffs mesh insanely well with down-tuned bass noise and blistering drums with a massive and utterly destructive result.  No joke, this trio makes a shit-ton of noise.  Their sound is also inspired by punk and old-school death metal which adds even more elements to get excited about.  Snag their three releases below and dig.

Rise and Grind 7" cover art
Rise And Grind 7" (2014)

Straight To Business 7" cover art
Straight To Business 7" (2012)

ep2 cover art
Demo (2010)


  1. Love the blog... any chance you can start posting bandcamps or other sites that have streams of the bands you post? Cheers mate. Keep up the good work.