Monday, January 19, 2015

Mutilation Rites

Mutilation Rites and Full Of Hell live from Kobo 2/23/2014
Brooklyn, New York's Mutilation Rites play a uncompromisingly heavy and unsettling brand of hard-hitting American black metal.  Their massive sound captures blistering drum beatings, thick buzzing riffs, muddled bass and throat shredding vocals.  This band is incredibly brutal and leaves you wanting much more to say the least.  Snag everything I could find from these barbarians and dig hard!

- Members Also Play(ed In:  Tombs, Hexer, Ruine, Today Is The Day & Wetnurse

Harbinger LP (2014)

Empyrean cover art
Empyrean LP (2012)

I Am Legion cover art
I Am Legion 12" EP (2012)

Devoid cover art
Devoid 12" EP (2011)

Demo CD-R (2010)



  1. Here's Harbinger. Link is off of Black Pentacle Antiquarium.