Saturday, October 25, 2014

Death To Tyrants

Death To Tyrants hails from Peterborough, NH and play a timeless blend of experimental hardcore, math rock and sometimes folk.  Mostly instrumental, these guys keep it progressive and jazzy with endless time changes and epic build-ups that are simply mind-blowing.  Their sound flows from spastic and technical to beautifully arranged ambiance.  DTT are always refreshing to hear and have been one of the most standout bands I've had the privilege to see live.  It's pure talent and 4 friends creating amazing songs  
for the love of jamming.  This incredible NH band just dropped a brand new 7" on Tor Johnson Records and it's the first new material from the band in far too long.  Death To Tyrants has always been one of my absolute favorites and their long-awaited EP is easily some of the finest material that has blessed this year of already great music.  The only releases I can't seem to dig up are the Expositions 2-8 CD-R and Cast & Camber Remix's.  Snag everything below and listen in awe.  This shit's magic.  Also, keep on the lookout for a possible Ampere / Death To Tyrants Split 8" in the future!!??  Dig.

Untitled cover art
Untitled 7" (2014)

Wake Up and Be cover art
Wake Up And Be LP (2006)

Live At Dead Air : 4-Way Split 11" (2006)
(DTT Tracks Only)

Cast & Camber : Nos. 1-11 CD (2005)

Sparrow Night cover art
Death To Tyrants / Dogs Of Ire Split 10" (2004)

Experience will be your Monument and your Love cover art
Experience Will Be Your Monument And Your Love LP (2004)

Death to Tyrants cover art
Self Titled CDep (2003)


  1. Thanks! Can you reupload the Dogs of Ire split though?

  2. I have a copy of Expositions if you're still looking for it.

    1. Hook it up!!! It. would be much appreciated!!!!