Saturday, October 25, 2014


Boston's Curmudgeon is an intense display of crushing metallic powerviolence that's heavy as hell.  Female fronted howls, pummeling drums, crunchy guitar chugs and deep bass tones are soaked with feedback and the result is brutally destructive.  I've been digging on this band for too long without throwing some props their way.  This shit is brutal.  Snag everything below and DIG!

Martyr Cassette (2013)
Amygdala cover art
Amygdala 12" EP (2013)

Wake Up Dead : Volume One Comp. 7" (2013)

Curmudgeon EP cover art 
Self Titled 7" (2012)
Human Ouroboros 7" (2011)


  1. So you know, the self titled's link goes to the "human ouroboros" as well.

  2. Thanx a million for bringibg me in touch with this brilliant combo!!!! There's nothing as good as excellent female fronted violent music..