Thursday, August 14, 2014


Picture of Missionary —
Here is some surely pissed off American hardcore out of NYC from a cluster-fuck of members that formed Missionary.  This is some direct, aggressive and down-your-throat punk that's as tightly written as it is a low-fi mess of 80's inspired hardcore.  Everything about their sound is insane.  It's full of rage and non-stop energy and at the same time it drops tempo and adds minor Oi! elements to the mix that make the listen even more exciting.  Their tasty 7" just dropped recently and it's too good for words.  Dig.

American Strike 7" (2014)

 Demo Cassette (2013)


  1. Great demo - thanks for sharing...

  2. Gostei muito do seu blog... Estou enviando link para você postar algo da minha banda aqui... Se você puder fazer isso agradecemos muito!!!

    Link da Demo:

    Página do Face:


    Abraço e parabéns pelo Blog!!!

  3. track 4 seems to be missing from the American Strike 7"