Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Fictions

Picture of My Fictions
Boston's My Fictions is an absolutely raging hardcore outfit that knows how to keep it fresh.  These guys mix up their sound with elements of post-hardcore, screamo, hardcore and even splashes of grinding emoviolence.  Their latest LP only solidifies the fact that My Fictions is here to fuck shit up and leave some lasting musical marks.  Snag everything below and dig.

Stranger Songs cover art
Stranger Songs LP (2014)

When You Are Close, I Am Gone cover art
My Fictions / The Saddest Landscape Split 7" (2013)

Always Trapped cover art
Always Trapped 7" (2012)

I Want Nothing cover art
I Want Nothing 10" (2011)

Merrill & The Lucinda cover art
Merrill & The Lucinda [Single] (2011)

My Fictions/Aviator Split cover art
My Fictions / Aviator Split CD-R (2010)

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