Saturday, August 2, 2014


Resurrectionists are a brutal grinding hardcore band from Germany.  Maniacal dual male/female screams and growls, fast-as-fuck drumming & crazy shredding on guitar and bass.  Fucking Ruthless!  Everything I've heard from them has been straight-up insanity.  I feel they have the intensity of Orchid mixed with the Brutality of Pig Destroyer.  I dunno, you be the judge.  It's All So Freakin' Good!  Check 'Em Out.  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Republic Of Dreams, Arse Moreira, Tristan Tzara & Cloud Rat

Resurrectionists / The Gentle Art Of Chokin' Split 12" EP (2014)

Lich Split LP (2011)
(Resurrectionists Tracks Only)

Gatefold LP (2010)
Battle Of Wolf 359 Split 10" (2010)
(Resurrectionists Tracks Only)
Arse Moreira Split 6" (2010)
(Resurrectionists Tracks Only)

Merkit Split 7" (2009)
(Resurrectionists Tracks Only)

Demo (2009)

Love.Life Compilation Cd-R on builtforfriendship in Recorded and Released by
Love. Life. Comp. CD
(Resurrectionists Track Only)

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