Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Gafas Del Rigor cassettes called Eeva, "Sexy Post Punk/HC from Russia." I can't agree more with that statement.

Russia, baby. That's it! Spilling out some awesome jams, man! I'm digging hard lately. Anyways, this is Eeva. Stumbled on them when I was looking for a dude I used to talk to on myspace who was in this other awesome Russian screamo band. He plays in this band now. Eeva is really sweet mathy post rock. This stuff rules. At times I get an Off Minor vibe from them, and sometimes I get a new La Quiete vibe from them, which is always rad, right? Yup! So yeah get into it. Hopefully they do more! Their new LP is below! Coming out on a slew of great labels including your favorite Bookhouse Records here in the states.


  1. The band also released a 7 song EP before this 7". Bookhouse records had the last copy of the 7" so I ended up grabbing that. Band is now doing a debut length after about 2 years later. Good band

    1. I would love to hear that first 7". The new LP is amazing! It's streaming on their bandcamp. Bookhouse is helping release that LP. Thanks for supporting the homie!

  2. One of the girls in this band used to play with another girl in a Very Mathy Duo called Torbou,
    Care of http://ouspenskyfallexo.blogspot.com.es/2013/03/turbou.html