Friday, January 2, 2015

Weak Teeth

Weak Teeth is an extremely talented hardcore band from Providence, RI.  Unlike many others, Weak Teeth aren't afraid to explore in screamo territory.  They are melodic and somewhat catchy but don't be fooled, they rip shit up with anger and intensity with some harshly fun jams.  Their flawless blend of punk, screamo, d-beat and in-your-face hardcore is sure to satisfy any fan these genres.  Below is the band's raging new LP along with their previous efforts.  Snag it all up and DIG!

-For Fans Of:  The Guilt, My FictionsIngrid & Tiny Hawks

So You've Ruined Your Life cover art
So, You've Ruined Your Life LP (2014)

what a plague you are cover art
What A Plague You Are LP (2011)

weak teeth cover art
Self Titled 7"+1 (2010)


  1. yeah awasome band!

    if you're interested I just posted an interview of them on my blog.
    here it is :

  2. Great band ! They sound a lot like Ghostlimb.