Friday, January 2, 2015


Picture of Dominic — Live in Östersund, Sweden 2005
Dominic is a masterfully crafted screamo/post-hardcore outfit from Norway.  Since forming in 2001, this band has delivered a brand of driving and progressive sounds that are layered with amazing percussion, dynamic guitar riffs and leads, moving bass parts and melodically shouted vocals.  This band's material is simply astounding and captured with a high quality production.  My buddy Rob from KYOTY brought these guys to my attention when their Nord LP came out years ago and I can't thank him enough!  Sorry it took a little longer to post and share this incredible band until now.  Snag everything I could find below and DIG!!!!!

Persona LP (2013)

Nord LP (2009)

S/T cover art
Self Titled LP (2006)

Running With Scissors cover art
Running With Scissors 10" (2004)

s/t EP 2003 cover art
Demo CD-R (2003)


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