Sunday, January 18, 2015


Picture of Gnarwolves
Brighton, UK's Gnarwolves plays amazing and refreshing pop-punk that's too good for words.  This trio creates masterfully rough and edgy punk that's upbeat, catchy, energetic and so damn fun!  The melodies are priceless and the songs transition everywhere you'd want them to.  These guys kick so much ass and even added more melodic hardcore vibes into the mix on their latest material.  Snag their current discography below and have some fun.  Don't pass this shit up.  Dig!

Gnarwolves cover art
Self Titled LP (2014)

Funemployed cover art
Funemployed 7" (2013)

Live In Glasgow cover art
Live In Glasgow (2013)

CRU cover art
CRU 7" (2012)

Fun Club 7" (2011)

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