Thursday, November 6, 2014


Divider is a crushing, punishing and overall heavy-as-hell hardcore band from Long Island, NY.  Ripping guitars create a whirlwind of beefed up riffs;  The drummer plays all over the place with energy and cleverness in his style; the bass is thick 'n' sludgy and the vocals are ruthless.  This band is filled crazy breaks and tasteful signatures.  Divider has been blowing minds since 2003 and just recently released a long-awaited full length that's incredibly brutal.  Below is everything I could find so snag it up and dig hard!

-For Fans Of:  Cursed, FurnaceEngineer & Relics

All Barren cover art
All Barren LP (2014)

Self Titled 7 Inch cover art
Self Titled 7" (2012)

Colony Split 7" (2012)
(Divider Track Only)

Split w/ Bone Dance + Plebeian Grandstand cover art
Divider / Bone Dance / Plebeian Grandstand : 3-Way Split EP (2011)
(Divider Tracks Only)

Strange Lands cover art
Strange Lands 7" (2010)

Photo by Richie Tuffini in My Photos by
Dead Air Sessions (2010) 

At Twilight cover art
At Twilight CDep (2006)

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  1. salve. any chance for a reup of the "all barren"-lp? zippyshare is great, but the files don't stay up too long. Have to admit i slept on this gem, though :-(