Sunday, November 9, 2014


Hassler is a ripping hardcore band from Toronto.  These guys construct thrashy, meaty and barbaric hardcore punk with an incredible overall sound.  Throaty howls are shouted over thick, hard-hitting drums, distortion-coated punk riffs and muddled bass lines.  These guys are just plain mean and will hopefully continue to release more quality jams as good as their current discography already is.  Snag everything below and be amazed.  Dig!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Toxic Holocaust, Brutal Knights, Reprobates & Bad Skin

fed worked and watered LP cover art
Fed Worked And Watered LP (2014)

AMORALITY ep cover art
Amorality 7" (2013)

S/T ep cover art
Self Titled 7" (2012)


  1. Absolutely love your blog man. Definitely an inspiration for mine

  2. ^i agree

    checkout OPEN SORES (raw bass and drum violence)
    2013 demo is downloadable on:

    if you like it, could you give us a post?
    thatd be tough