Saturday, November 8, 2014


Now for a guilty pleasure from Boston's infamous drunk punks, Darkbuster.  This is booze-fueled punk rock that's gritty and catchy-as-hell with added sprinklings of street punk and ska.  These bar room anthems are fun and straight to the point with sing-along chants galore.  22 Songs That You'll Never Want To Hear Again is essential for any fan of the genre, so i would start there as a new listener of the band.  Snag, chug, dig.

- For Fans Of:  The Bruisers, The Vigilantes, NOFX & Rancid

A Weakness For Spirits (2005)

Darkbuster Vs. Tommy And The Terrors (2001)

Skullbuster : The Skullys Split 7" (1999)
(Darkbuster Tracks Only)

22 Songs That You'll Never Want To Hear Again (1999)

Demo Cassette (1997)

Rare Songs

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