Sunday, September 15, 2013


All the members from Virginia's Cloak/Dagger have plenty experience in the hardcore scene. Since the late 90's these guys have been in some solid bands, which is why this underrated supergroup never left a false impression during their four year run. Not really punk, hardcore or rock n' roll, Cloak/Dagger can be described vaguely if you categorize them with those titles. Download most of their discography below, so the only title you'll end up attaching to them will be: awesome.

Missing releases: Kamikazes b/w She Cracked (Kamikazes appears  on the We Are LP)

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  1. great stuff... reminds me a lot of the hives... loads of energy and some really good songs. anyway, what you have up here as the *pinata* 7" is actually a later (internet only? i think) release entitled *pinata breaks, demo takes* - which includes extra demo material, but omits one track from the original e.p., "shady grove", which i can't find online anywhere... one thing i did come across while i was hunting is a song called "escape from society (look what you've done)" which purports to be by this band, but i can't find anything elsewhere to back that up. does sound as if it COULD well be the same band though. any idea?

    keep up the good work btw, i have come across tons of good bands since i started checking out this blog :)