Saturday, October 31, 2015

Suffering Mind

Lublin, Poland's Suffering Mind is an unrelenting force of face-melting grindcore.  These guys are no-doubt some of the most refreshing and annihilating beasts of the genre in quite some years.  Their musical output hits hard with walls of blazing guitar riffs, deeply muddled bass-work, maniacal drum chaos and ear-piercing shrieks and growls.  These guys are absolutely incredible and have tons of amazing material that will surely slap a shit-eating grin on any grind fan's face.  Snag everything I could find below and DIG!!!

Suffering Mind / Lifes Split 7" (2015)

split 7" with Detroit cover art
Suffering Mind / Detroit Split 7" (2014)

split 7" w/ GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM cover art
Suffering Mind / Guantanamo Party Program Split 7" (2014)

11" s/t (formatography) cover art
Compilation 11" (2014)

Pretty Little Flower / Suffering Mind Split 5" (2014)

split 7"with SIXBREWBANTHA cover art
Suffering Mind / Six Brew Bantha Split 7" (2013)

\split 7" with ARCHAGATHUS cover art
Archagathus / Suffering Mind Split 7" (2013)

split 7" w/ MATKA TERESA cover art
Matka Teresa Split 7" (2013)
(Suffering Mind Tracks Only)

Suffering Mind / Water Torture Split Flexi 7" (2013)

Massgrave / Suffering Mind Split Cassette (2012)

Gates of Suffering 5" cover art
Gates Of Suffering 5" (2012)

split 5" with Phobia cover art
Phobia / Suffering Mind Split 5" (2012)

split 12" with H-407 cover art
Suffering Mind / H.407 Split LP [Live] (2012)

split 6" with Protestant cover art
Protestant / Suffering Mind Split 6" (2012)

Split 7" with The Afternoon Gentleman cover art
Suffering Mind / The Afternoon Gentlemen Split 7" (2012)

split 5" with S.A.T.A.N cover art
Suffering Mind / S.A.T.A.N. Split 7" (2012)

Suffering Mind / Neon Hole Split 7" (2011)

Self Titled 12" cover art
Self Titled LP (2010)

split 12" with Asshammer cover art
Asshammer / Suffering Mind Split LP (2009)

split 7" with Wojtyla cover art
Suffering Mind / Wojtyla Split 7" (2009)

split 7" with Lycanthrophy cover art
Suffering Mind / Lycanthrothy Split 7" (2009)

split CD with Scourge Schematic cover art
Suffering Mind / Scourge Schematic Split CD (2009)

AWWM CD & 10" cover art
At War With Mankind LP (2009)

Destroy Mankind 7" cover art
Destroy Mankind 7" (2008)



  1. The six brew bantha split is available on bandcamp for name your price....

  2. great band, took me fucking ages to dl everything though, this band puts out too many splits! haha..great job getting everything, i'd have gone mad trying

  3. the missing releases are available on their bandcamp page