Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Picture of Martyrdöd
Here's some pummeling, blackened, crust-drenched, metallic hardcore from Sweden's Martyrdöd.   These guys are veterans of the genre and have dropped undeniably crushing material for over ten years.  This band is loaded with heavy distorted riffs, thunderous drum beatings, muddled bass noise and scathing vocal howls.  Snag everything below and dig.

Elddop cover art
Elddop LP (2014)

Paranoia cover art
Paranoia LP (2012)

Image result for Martyrdöd sekt
Sekt LP (2009)

Image result for Martyrdöd in extremis
In Extremis LP (2005)

Martyrdöd / Sunday Morning Einsteins Split 7" (2004)

Self Titled LP (2003)


  1. thanks for all the great gear, thanks for taking the time and effort - it is appreciated by us right-minded music/noise lovers

  2. Thank you for everything guys!keep up the good work!