Sunday, December 7, 2014

Six Brew Bantha

Picture of Six Brew Bantha
Six Brew Bantha is a relentless grind-violence trio that hails from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  These guys are an onslaught of heavy, blazing grind that's drenched in chaotic riffs, endless blasts of drum insanity and brutal growls and shrieks.  S.B.B. make an insane amount of noise and all their material is fresh and never recycled.  The guitar riffs are especially tasty and fill every gap of possible silence.  Everything I could hunt down from these dudes is posted below.  Grind on!  Dig!

Intravenously Commodified LP cover art
Intravenously Commodified LP (2014)

Split 7'' w/ Suffering Mind cover art
Suffering Mind Split 7" (2013)
(SBB Tracks Only)

Live With Doom Cassette (2013)

Six Brew Bantha / Water Torture Split 7" (2013)

Six Brew Bantha / Agitate Split Cassette (2013)

Self Titled LP (2012)

Archagathus Split 7" (2011)
(Six Brew Bantha Tracks Only)

Testosterone Effect : Demo 7" (2009)


  1. Yo, if you guys are interested got a powerviolence/thrash/grind project here for you to scope

  2. Ruptures - DECA (2012)

    FFO: Comadre, Refused, Breach, 90's stuff i guess

    We're doing a full U.S. tour this August.

    Check the dates @

    Our discography is free via bandcamp.

    Thank you

  3. Just played with these guys last night. Craaaazy set.

  4. Ive got a bunch of stuff you're missing if you're interested

  5. can u re_up the live with doom tape? link expired. thanx - matt