Monday, November 19, 2012


Rare live performance.  (Pic by Harry Layzell) in Meatlocker by
Three Australians living in London scooped up a like-minded Brit to shout his brains out in Meatlocker.  These guys and girl cranked out a killer full length, played 3 shows in the UK,  headed back to Australia and tore the scene apart.  Their LP is absolutely nuts!  It's rough hardcore punk loaded with harsh, strained vocals, thrash drenched chords, tasty guitar leads, fuzzed-out bass and ridiculous drum action that's filled with endless crashing cymbals and non-stop fills.  This is fast, ugly, dirty, beefed-up and in your face.  Snag this little gem below.  Dig.

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Extortion, Voorhees, Walk The Plank & Sick Fuckin O

Self Titled CD/LP (2008)

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