Sunday, November 4, 2012


Picture of Extortion
Perth, Australia's Extortion have been cranking out relentless powerviolence infused hardcore punk since their 2005 demo was dropped.  These guys don't fuck around.  Here's some frantic and utterly pissed off hardcore that's impressively intense and chock-full of dirty powerchords, fuzzed-out bass, unstoppable drums and gnarly raging vocals.  These guys are simply insane and can definitely give a lesson on how to keep hardcore/powerviolence original.  Below is everything I could find from these maniacs.  Snag, indulge, dig, repeat...DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, Coke Bust & Vaccine

Extortion / Cold World Split LP (2012)

Get Fucked 5" (2011)

Loose Screws 10" (2010)

Extortion / Completed Exposition Split 7" (2010)

This Comp. Kills Fascists Vol. 2 (2010)
(Extortion Tracks Only)

Terminal Cancer 7" (2009)

Extortion / Septic Surge Split 7" (2009)

Extortion / Jed Whitey Split 7" (2009)

Extortion / Agents Of Abhorrence Split 7" (2008)

Extortion / Rupture Split 5" (2008)

Sick LP (2007)

Control 7" (2007)

Degenerate LP (2006)

Self Titled 7" (2005)

Demo Cassette (2005)


  1. sick cunt for uploading this shit
    i'm a shit cunt for downloading it all but i'm broke as fuck and don't get a chance to listen to records much as i listen to most of my music at work.
    more than happy to pay for shows and buy shirts
    extortion = australia's finest

  2. Good man!. thanks from Mexico