Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Picture of Parrhesia
Chicago's Parrhesia were an all out assault of spastic screamo that was dark and brooding with elements of punk and hardcore.  They will make your ears burst with all-around screams, walls of crashing cymbals, blasting drum fills and an overall eerie blend of guitars and bass.  Their jams are amazingly brutal and chaotic that even tend to break into unpredictable melodic parts.  These guys are a fine example of playing some original screamo that's actually memorable.  Snag their discography below and rage hard!  Dig.

Alessa/Parrhesia Split cover art
Parrhesia / Alessa Split 7" (2010)

june tape cover art
June Tape (2010)

For Everything to Be Consummated, For Me to Feel Less Alone, I Had Only to Wish That There Be A Large Crowd Of Spectators The Day of My Execution And That They Greet Me With Cries of Hate cover art
For Everything To Be Consummated... 7" (2009)

Torrential Downpour Split Cassette (2009)
(Parrhesia Tracks Only)

Demo Cassette (2008)

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