Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Picture of Alpinist — Elba Squat - Warsaw
Alpinist is incredible.  Hailing from Munster, Germany,  this four-piece created some unholy and barbaric hardcore that's dark and crusty as hell and even adds slight undertones of screamo in the mix.  Everything about these guys is absolutely astounding.  Massive riffs and girthy bass lines flood everywhere and mesh amazingly to their highly complex drum parts that never seem to let up.  Their dual vocals are especially harsh with the exchange of howling roars and throat-tearing screams.  I'm not really sure if Alpinist is on hiatus or not, but you can check out 3/4 of the members in the equally brutal Jungbluth.  Snag everything I could hunt down below and dig.

Alpinist / Masakari Split LP (2011)

Lichtlærm LP (2010)

Minus.Mensch LP (2009)

Alpinist / Finisterre Split LP (2008)

Demo Cassette (2007)


  1. HA. You beat me to it. This is awesome. Hopefully i can send some people your way from Dead Air At The Pulpit.

  2. see, to me these guys sound heavily influenced by fuck the facts - but that's a pretty good influence to have as far as i'm concerned, and i'd say they do some good things with it! nice one :-D

  3. Some of good buddies used to be a band that sounded like Alpinist. They're doing this now: http://holdersscar.bandcamp.com/. Give the south some love.

  4. Here's an official video of Alpinist: https://vimeo.com/36598272

  5. hey guys! next sunday we will play with Jungbluth (ex Alpinist) in Milan. Feel free to download our e.p. for free!

    please check us: http://rvltnshc.bandcamp.com/ free download!