Saturday, April 2, 2016

Black Gust

Black Gust is a ripping hardcore punk band that's as refreshing as they are energetic.  Mad fun punk jams described as... "a mutant fusion of good old 80’s hardcore and garage punk drenched in gloomy riffs accompanied by snotty vocals & bitter lyrics. These fuck-ups have been compared to the Adolescents, RKL, “mid to late era” Poison Idea, Turbonegro and some “newer” bands such as Annihilation Time, Night Fever and Leathervein.”  Their debut 7" and 3 song cs are insanely addictive and definitely awesome to say the least.  The dude behind the Teenage Lobotomy Blog and the kick-ass Doomtown Records jams his face off in this band as well.  Crank, support, repeat and dig.

3 Songs Cassette (2015)

Black Gust - Psychedelic Maelstrom 7" cover art
Psychedelic Maelstrom 7" (2013)

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