Sunday, October 7, 2012


platonic sleepover house - boston. ma    TENEMENT
Wisconsin's Tenement is a snotty lo-fi punk trio that incorporates elements of indie, garage rock, grunge and thrash punk.  It's catchy as hell and so goddamn addictive.  Fuzzed out riffs blend with constant bass lines and up-beat drums and create a perfect concoction of surf/skate/pop punk that's fresh and original without feeling recycled.  Everything's delivered just right.  Snag everything I could find below and dig your faces off!  DIG!

Tenement / Culo Split 7" (2012)

The Blind Wink LP (2011)

Napalm Dream LP (2011)

False Teeth 7" (2010)

Tenement / Used Kids Split 7" (2009)

Icepick / Summer Street 7" (2008)

Missing Releases...
- Track From Tape Comp. 3 (2008)


  1. Thanks for the links..... :)

  2. I love Tenement, I was so stoked to catch them at the Womb Room a few months back