Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cabin Fire

Picture of Cabin Fire
Cabin Fire is a two-piece from Fresno, CA that's rowdy!  This duo combines elements of throat-tearing screamo and grind-fueled hardcore punk that's eerie, heavy, spastic and cleverly constructed.  Overall, their sound is full and intense with a very original feel to it.  These guys fucking own, every release has been a blast to crank.  Snag everything below and get into this.  Dig.

Heaven Walkers cover art
Heaven Walkers [Single] (2014)

Split w/Love is a Black Widow cover art
Love Is A Black Widow Split EP (2014)
(Cabin Fire Tracks Only)

Things Are Worse Than Ever cover art
Things Are Worse Than Ever EP (2013)

Humid City EP (2012)

Digital Teeth EP (2012)

Cathedrals Of Information LP (2011)

Friday Night Patriarch EP (2010)

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  1. So it sounds like daughters without the yow vocals?