Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Finisher is an insane punk-fused sludge band from Massachusetts.  Formed back in 2006, this trio has played hundreds of shows all across the states spreading their gargantuan distorted riffs, destructive drum skills and fierce, throat-tearing vocals.  All of Finisher's material is incredible!  It's heavy, groovy and unholy!  I'll never stop cranking their jams so I thought I'd spread the love.  Everything I could gather is posted below.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  EyeHateGod, Sea Legs, Furnace & Bongripper

No Medicine Or Faith LP (2011)

Pick Up And Leave LP (2011)

Socially Dead CD (2010)

Demo CDep (2008)


  1. Any chance of uploading the socially dead album again? Cant find it any where else.

  2. This just made my fucking day goddammit I love you guys

  3. Everyone should be getting this shit. .these guys are basically a hardcore version of early melvins. Killer stuff.