Saturday, January 7, 2012

Running For Cover

Running For Cover was a spastic and brutal powerviolence/hardcore punk band outta Buffalo, NY.  These guys only existed from 2002-2005, and in that time, had released a 20-song Demo Tape, a live EP, a 7" EP, an LP and 3 live comp. tracks.  Everything is posted below.  Dig!!!!

-Members Also Played In:  Slavestate and They Live

-For Fans Of:  Scapegoat, No Comment, Vaccine & Lapse

Trapped In A Scene Comp. LP (2007)
(Running For Cover Tracks Only)
Dark Well LP (2005)
Human Ruins 7" (2003)
Studio 3 Session CD-R (2003)

Demo Cassette (2002)


  1. The Dark Well LP and Trapped In A Scene links are fixed, however I lost my files for the Studio 3 Session and Human Ruins 7". Could anyone help a brutha out with some active links? It would be most appreciated!

  2. Demo is coming out on vinyl soon.

  3. Here's the Running for Cover 2002 Demo =>
    Human Ruin EP =>
    + the Dead Language LP with members of Iron Lung, Low Threat Profile, and Running For Cover =>

  4. The singer of Running for Cover Patrick plays Bass in Gas Chamber!

  5. Remastered Demo LP available one time only from Painkiller records! 500 copies...

  6. yo can you repost the link to dark well?