Saturday, November 14, 2015


Prince Edward Island's Acousma was a venomous hardcore punk outfit that sadly played their final show this year.  These dudes created noisy and violent punk sounds consisting of nasty buzzing guitar work, muddled bass, insane drum beatings and obnoxiously ferocious vocals.  Every release these guys have dropped undoubtedly slays and their final 7" couldn't be a better send off for this ripping band.  Purchase the goods over at High Fashion Industries and snag these jams below.  Dig.

- For Fans Of:  Needles, Sex Vid, Gas Rag & Warthog

2nd 7" (2015)

Home Invasion Split Cassette (2014)
(Acousma Tracks Only)

1st 7" (2014)

Self Titled Cassette (2013)

Rehearsal Cassette (2012)

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