Friday, November 6, 2015


San Ramon Ca's Stressors are a noisy mess of fierce hardcore punk that instantly had me hooked.  Dirty vocals penetrate your ears while amazing punk riffs and thumping drums punch you in the face.  This band rips on an entirely different level.  It's angry as hell with walls of feedback, driving intensity and flawless tracks of ugly degenerate hardcore.  Stressors is a dirty mess of awesomeness that can't be passed up.  Snag their discography below and dig your face off.  DIG!!!

Skin Trap 7" cover art
Skin Trap 7" (2015)

Summer Cassette (2013)

Psychotic Break 7" cover art
Psychotic Break 7" (2012)

Wailing & The Gnashing Of Teeth Cassette (2011)

Demo Cassette & More (2010)


  1. Hi
    Love this site, I pretty much make it a part of my work day. No work gets done unless something nasty is penetrating my brain holes.
    Check out for some awesome crust/grind. i don't care if you post it, just listen to it. I think you'll be into it

  2. if you like stressors check out the neighbors from australia: