Friday, November 6, 2015

Annihilation Time

From 2001-2009 Annihilation Time constructed glorious rock'n'roll-fused-hardcore punk and apparently put on incredible live sets . Their delivery was in-your-face and packed with endless energy and gritty rock attitude.  There are massive amounts of incredible guitar work constantly thrown at you, the bass and drums are constantly driving and snotty vocals are spit all over these rippers.  Snag these bad ass tunes below and rock on!  Dig.

III Tales Of The Ancient Age LP (2008)

Cosmic Unconsciousness 7" (2006)

II LP (2004)

Bad Reputation 7" (2003)

Self Titled LP (2002)


  1. Sick blog. Maybe you could do a blasting concept post?

  2. Thanks for all these posts. I've found a few of my new favorite bands here!

  3. Can you put up these DLs agains?