Sunday, October 4, 2015


Needing no introduction, Western Massachusetts' Ampere has been spitting out bombastic emotional hardcore for well over a decade.  This inspirational DIY outfit rages like no other and has an undeniably loud and explosive live set consisting of 10-15 minutes of sheer intensity.  I have always loved this band and every magical release they've dropped is simply amazing.  Snag these masterful recordings of chaotic precision below, take notes and make an attempt at creating something half-as good.  Dig.

Raein / Ampere Split 8" (2015)

Like Shadows cover art
Like Shadows LP (2011)

Wild Wild West Comp. Cassette (2010)

Split LP with Sinaloa cover art
Ampere / Sinaloa Split LP (2006)

All Our Tomorrows End Today cover art
All Our Tomorrows End Today 10" (2004)

The First Five Years cover art
The First Five Years (2002-2007)

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